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Living in the clouds: a modernization story

Unbridled’s legacy on-premise server system hindered its ability to provide a seamless and modern client experience. In an era where agility, collaboration, and real-time access are pivotal, its existing infrastructure was becoming a relic—an anchor dragging against the currents of progress and innovation.

The Client Cloud would catapult Unbridled into the forefront of digital efficiency by transitioning from an on-premise server solution to a comprehensive cloud-based infrastructure, leveraging the robust capabilities of Office365 and SharePoint, and infusing automation into everyday workflows for an unparalleled client experience.

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The Process of Change

The adoption of the Unbridled Client Cloud commenced with a focused discovery phase, where we joined forces with Unbridled to uncover the challenges and define the goals for a cloud-based future. This phase was about listening—understanding user workflows and the systemic nuances that needed upgrading. The insights we gathered were crucial, laying the groundwork for a solution that was technologically advanced and strategically sound.

Prototyping Phase

Armed with knowledge, Goodthink developed a prototype, putting a preliminary version of the Client Cloud in the hands of key stakeholders for hands-on feedback. This collaborative refinement was key to ensuring the platform’s design met practical needs and aligned with Unbridled’s broader objectives. The prototype wasn’t just a draft; it was the draft, shaped and improved through stakeholder engagement.

Beta Phase

The beta phase came next, where a select user group put the prototype through its paces. The feedback loop from this phase was gold, allowing us to hone the Cloud’s architecture before the full roll-out. We then launched a streamlined change campaign, complete with training and support, unveiling a Client Cloud platform that was not just ready but welcome—a testament to our combined commitment to an effective and user-centered transformation.

Digital Strategy

Goodthink embarked on a mission to redefine Unbridled’s technological framework. We envisioned a cloud-based ecosystem that would not only streamline internal processes but also elevate the client interaction to new heights of productivity and engagement.

Cloud Migration

We facilitated the migration from a local server setup to a cloud-based environment, ensuring uninterrupted access to data, enhanced security, and scalability to meet future demands.

SharePoint Integration

By harnessing the collaborative power of Office365 and SharePoint, we created a seamless workflow for employees and clients alike, fostering a culture of real-time collaboration and information sharing.

Workflow Automation

We introduced automation of routine tasks, enabling Unbridled’s team to focus on strategic initiatives and client relationships, rather than administrative tedium.

Client Experience Redesign

The client portal underwent a complete overhaul, emphasizing intuitive design, ease of access, and a personalized touch, all centered on the client’s needs and convenience.

Launch Communication

To launch this new collaboration framework, we created a launch video that played at Unbridled’s All Company Meeting to build excitement, tease the interface, and set expectations.

Support & Documentation

A suite of marketing and collateral materials was developed for EverPillow, including detailed brand guidelines, professional business stationery, and various graphics tailored for different marketing channels to ensure a consistent and impactful brand presence. Additionally, a visually appealing and user-friendly website was created, serving as the digital cornerstone of the brand, where customers can learn about the product’s unique features and the company’s mission and customize and purchase their own EverPillow.

Training Video Content

We crafted a series of engaging training videos and step-by-step tutorials, ensuring a smooth adoption process that empowers users to fully harness the innovative features of the Unbridled Client Cloud with confidence and ease.

Accessing The Client Cloud Training
Finding Clients in Client Cloud Training
Collaborating with Clients in Client Cloud Training


The result was a revolutionary change for Unbridled. The shift to the cloud not only enhanced operational efficiency but also dramatically transformed the client experience. With secure, real-time access to information and collaborative tools, clients now enjoy a more responsive, transparent, and engaged partnership with Unbridled.

Efficiency Gains

The new capabilities and collaborative document capabilities reduced version control issues by over 50% and created more efficient workflows for team collaboration.

Increased Security & Compliance

Transitioning to the cloud improved data security and compliance with industry standards, providing peace of mind for both Unbridled and its clients.

Elevated Client Satisfaction

The modernized client portal, characterized by its ease of use and tailored approach, created a more celebrated and streamlined client experience.


Unbridled is now positioned to scale effortlessly with its cloud infrastructure, ready to adopt new technologies and respond to the ever-changing digital landscape.

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