Crafting a resilient strategy through scenario planning

The art of being and becoming future-ready

Goodthink joined forces with the brightest minds from Colorado State University’s PhD cohort in Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change, embarking on a strategic partnership to drive Blue Rhino towards a resilient and adaptable future. Recognizing the uncertainty and rapid evolution within their industry, the collaboration aimed to arm Blue Rhino with robust scenario planning capabilities, designed to weather disruptions and seize emerging opportunities.

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The Process of Scenario Planning

In our approach with Blue Rhino, we meticulously applied Thomas Chermack’s scenario planning method, which emphasizes the structured visualization of potential futures and the strategic responses they necessitate. This method emphasizes key external forces and constructs plausible future scenarios, enabling Blue Rhino to proactively shape its strategies based on these insights, enhancing its organizational learning and adaptability.

Discovery & Problem Statement

Initiate with a deep dive into Blue Rhino’s current environment and challenges to formulate a clear and precise problem statement.

Pre-workshop Interviews

Conduct one-on-one interviews with selected participants to gather initial insights and perspectives, enriching the context for the workshop.

Interactive Workshop

Facilitate a dynamic, interactive session where participants use sticky notes to explore impacts and categorize them into themes, fostering broad interdepartmental collaboration.

Scenario Drafting & Presentation

Synthesize the outcomes of the workshop into actionable scenarios, followed by crafting and presenting a detailed scenario planning document to Blue Rhino’s leadership.

The Workshop

At the scenario planning workshop, Goodthink and the CSU cohort members set the stage with a presentation to familiarize participants with the activity, laying the groundwork for forward-thinking exploration. The interactive session then flows into a brainstorming flurry, where participants from various departments scribble insights and forecasts onto sticky notes, affixing them onto a board—a tapestry of potential futures. These contributions are then clustered into overarching themes, fostering a collaborative environment where diversity of thought is not just welcomed, but essential. The workshop culminates in a strategic exercise, engaging the collective wisdom of the group to prioritize these themes by their impact and certainty, crafting a nuanced roadmap for navigating the next five years.

Findings & Presentation

The collaboration culminated in a comprehensive scenario planning playbook tailor-made for Blue Rhino. This strategic toolset empowered them to anticipate various futures and actively shape them. With new-found agility and foresight, Blue Rhino’s leadership can now steer their company with confidence, making informed decisions grounded in a deep understanding of their industry’s changing tides.

*Note: the actual findings of this workshop are not disclosed in any detail to protect the intellectual property of its participants.


Goodthink’s partnership with CSU’s doctoral candidates underscored the power of combining academic insight with real-world application. This case study stands as a testament to the synergy that arises when innovative education meets transformative business strategy—paving the way for Blue Rhino to thrive amidst the unknowns of tomorrow.

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