Engineering a purpose-driven product launch from the ground up

Pillow talk: how we co-created a dream product launch.

In a world where purpose-driven brands are increasingly capturing the hearts and minds of consumers, Goodthink embarked on an inspiring journey with InfiniteMoon to launch EverPillow—a product that promises a good night’s sleep and has a profound social impact.

From concept to execution, Goodthink was instrumental in shaping the EverPillow brand, meticulously crafting its identity from the ground up. This included everything from the evocative naming of the company and its flagship product to developing a go-to-market strategy that resonated with conscious consumers.

Goodthink Services Provided

Market Analysis

In the process of selecting the name EverPillow, a comprehensive market analysis was conducted to understand consumer preferences and market trends in the bedding industry. The analysis revealed a growing demand for personalization and customization in consumer products, particularly in items that contribute to personal well-being and comfort. The term “Ever” resonated as it implied longevity, sustainability, and ongoing personalization, aligning perfectly with the product’s highly customizable nature and its mission-driven purpose. Consequently, EverPillow emerged as the ideal name, encapsulating the brand’s promise of enduring comfort, adaptability, and a positive social impact, setting it apart in a competitive market.

Brand Design & Development

The brand development of EverPillow was meticulously crafted to embody the essence of its parent company, InfiniteMoon, while conveying its own unique identity. The logo mark artfully merges the imagery of the moon, a nod to InfiniteMoon, with the symbol of infinity, representing the pillow’s endless customization possibilities and the enduring impact of its social mission. The chosen color palette, featuring sleepy tones, further reinforces the brand’s association with restfulness and tranquility, creating a cohesive and inviting visual identity that resonates with consumers seeking both comfort and purpose in their products.

Collateral & Website

A suite of marketing and collateral materials was developed for EverPillow, including detailed brand guidelines, professional business stationery, and various graphics tailored for different marketing channels to ensure a consistent and impactful brand presence. Additionally, a visually appealing and user-friendly website was created, serving as the digital cornerstone of the brand, where customers can learn about the product’s unique features and the company’s mission and customize and purchase their own EverPillow.


The visual identity, logo, launch videos, and website were all carefully designed to reflect the brand’s mission and values, setting the stage for a launch that was as meaningful as it was successful. EverPillow emerged as more than just a pillow; it became a symbol of hope and transformation, directly supporting the Mile High Workshop’s noble cause of aiding individuals in rebuilding their lives after facing homelessness, addiction, and incarceration.

Reviews Are In

Love my Everpillow, I just added a little extra fill because I like a firm pillow and it helps me from not snoring.

Doug V.

I got my Everpillow by InfiniteMoon around 6 months ago and I love it. You can adjust the firmness of it and it's very easy to clean. It's the most comfortable pillow I've ever had, especially at my age (59), night sweats are a pain.

Sherri S.

This is a great pillow. Don't know how I got along so long without it. You can adjust it infinitely, so anyone can get the shape they need. Thanks for a great product!

Dave S.

From the first night I used my pillow I noticed a difference. I didn't toss and turn, no reposting my pillow, flipping it all night, etc. To say the least, I am completedly satisifed.... this will be the last pillow brand I will buy, completely customizable to me and my body.

Sarah B.

I haven't slept better in years than in the last 4 days since I got the Everpillow. I went with the latext blend. Man, it's like a dream. I'm so thankful.

David P.

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